The Mayor of Warsaw was a historical figure noted by Arnold Rimmer. Rimmer remembered that he was the chief official in the city of Warsaw in Europe on Earth in the year 1546, and had literally "exploded" according to legend. It was one of the earliest recorded instances of spontaneous human combustion.

Three million years later, aboard Red Dwarf, the Mayor of Warsaw was brought up in conversation by Arnold Rimmer as there being as much chance of it happening, and that of it raining fish, as Dave Lister had of getting with his old crush Kristine Kochanski.

Since Lister had contracted Space Pneumonia, his hallucinations were manifested into reality. These included his Confidence and Paranoia, a rain of fish, and the Mayor of Warsaw. The Mayor of Warsaw appeared in front of Rimmer ringing a town crier bell, before exploding almost immediately. Leaving only his robes and smoke behind, Rimmer stated that "it's really going to be one of those days". (Confidence and Paranoia)


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The actor who portrayed the Mayor of Warsaw went uncredited.
    • This is noted on the cast commentary for the episode on the Series I DVD, since none of the cast could remember who he was either (jokingly suggesting that it might have been Robbie Coltrane), asking any watching Dwarfers if they can find out for them.
  • Double takes and split-screens had to be used so that actor Chris Barrie wasn't hurt by the exploding Mayor. This would provide the crew with chance to practice with such techniques that would be extensively used in the last episode of Series I.


  • The Mayor of Warsaw is the first human, except Lister, to set foot on Red Dwarf in three million years since the accident, albeit the Mayor doesn't last long.
  • The spontaneous combustion of the Mayor is apparently an invention of Grant Naylor Productions, The mayors of Warsaw are, in the real world, often called "Presidents" of the city, and the official position did not exist in 1546; during that date the monarch of Poland had control of the city. However, the character seen in Red Dwarf may be based on Alexander Chalmers, a Scottish judge who emigrated to Poland and became the first elected President of Warsaw in 1691.

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