M'Aiden Ty-One is an antagonist of the Red Dwarf novel, Backwards, which takes place in an alternate timeline to the television series.

M'Aiden was the strongest and proudest of the agonoids, and their self-proclaimed leader who had sworn revenge on humans. M'Aiden was supposedly in control of the Death Wheel on Red Dwarf in order to trap the last human, Dave Lister, and become "The One". However, M'Aiden was tricked, incapacitated and slowly and painfully cannibalised for parts by his elder, Djuhn'Keep, the designer of the Death Wheel.


M'Aiden Ty-One joined the group of Agonoids who survived the war they were created by humans for. When humans decided to destroy their "inventions", Agonoids simply fled and promised revenge. M'Aiden soon became their leader. He is ruthless and sadistic like the other and kills seventy-four Agonoids himself.

Three million years later, the Agonoids find abandoned Red Dwarf and discover there is only one human alive in the space: Dave Lister. The most intelligent Agonoid, Djuhn'Keep, designs the Death Wheel and M'Aiden helps him to transform one part of the ship into it. The Death Wheel would trap Lister and his friends in the center and the chosen Agonoid would be allowed to torture them to death.

However, M'Aiden needs a new eye; and the only way to get it is to attack another Agonoid and steal it. M'Aiden chooses Chi'Panastee. At first, he listen to his interesting ideas how to torture Lister, and then attacks him. The fight ends well to M'Aiden and he leaves with an eye, two ears and a heart.

M'Aiden, like the rest of Agonoids, want to win the race and torture Lister, but it isn't so easy. There are too many strong rivals. When Djuhn'Keep shows him the latest torture tools he created, he also gives him a very special data card which would increase concentrate and strength of any Agonoid that uses it. M'Aiden, hoping the card would help him in the race, immediately uses it.

Unfortunately for him, the card contains the Armageddon Virus, created by Djuhn'Keep. It takes control over M'Aiden's body, slowing his reactions and washing his brain. There is no problem now for traitorous Djuhn'Keep to return and disjoint his former leader, slowly killing him. M'Aiden pleaded with his elder for a more honorable death befitting a warrior, but Djuhn thought it would be practice for when he himself becomes "The One" and gets his hands on Lister. (Backwards)