"Lunar City Seven" is a song sung and hummed by Dave Lister, particularly in Series I. In the realm of the first novel, it is taken from African ballad-singer Perry N'Kwomo's album Nice 'n' Nauseating. Dave Lister's frequent singing of it may suggest that he had visited the Moon at some point.

In the TV series, the first scene of the pilot episode opens with Lister singing it on Z Shift and Arnold Rimmer getting annoyed with it. Lister sings it numerous times, such as while shaving in "Future Echoes" for which he is criticized by Talkie Toaster. It is hummed by Rimmer and Lister in "Me²".

The name and slogan of the prominent community website Ganymede & Titan is taken from this song.

Lyrics Edit


Lister sings Lunar City Seven in the Red Dwarf Smegazine

To Ganymede and Titan
Yes, sir, I've been around
But there ain't no place
In the whole of Space
Like that good ol' toddlin' town
Oh! Lunar City Seven
You're my idea of heaven
Out of ten, you score eleven
You good ol' Titan' town
Oh! Lunar City Seven
Lunar Cities One through Six
They always get me down
But Lunar City Seven
You're my home town

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