Loretta was a character from the artificial reality game "Gumshoe".


Loretta was a glamourous but unstable woman who had killed five men. She described herself as "a psychopathic, schizophrenic, serial-killing femme fatale". She had previously had a relationship with at least two of the player-characters, Philip and Sammy the Squib.

In the game, she had planned the murder of a man called Pallister, but allowed her twin sister Maxine to commit the crime. She had used a liaison with Philip to provide herself with an alibi. Lister, playing Philip, arrived at a pre-arranged rendezvous by the docks to tell Loretta that he had figured out how the murder was commited. He was supposed to turn her in, but Lister found Loretta irresistable. He used the game as an excuse to have sex with Loretta in his car.

When Kryten entered the game as Sammy the Squib to talk to Lister, he found the car rocking back and forth. When Loretta spotted him, she assumed that he was there to kill her. She immediately began to plead for her life, saying that Kryten could kill Philip instead. Lister told her she was trash, but she told him that she was programmed that way. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)

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