Lister's Moon Boots

The visible odour of Lister's moon boots in Blue Midget

Lister's moon boots were a item of clothing, seemingly once part of a space suit, that were customised to a DayGlo-orange and owned by Dave Lister.

When the boys from the Dwarf first got the signal from Kryten on the Nova 5, they were faced with the prospect of meeting real, living, human females for the first time in three million years, they dressed to impress.

Not wanting to be upstaged by Lister, Rimmer suggested that Lister wear his moon boots. Lister reminded Rimmer that: "You said they smelled like an orangutan's posing pouch and set off one of those dangerous chemical alarms. You made me put them in the air-lock." Rimmer insisted that Lister wore them, saying that he suited them, and Lister did; this however was just Rimmer hoping that Lister wouldn't score.

As they went over the the Nova 5, the smell of the boots in the confined space of Blue Midget made Rimmer's eyes water and nearly knocked him out unconscious if he were not a hologram. The odour coming off them was visible, but Lister only said that he could smell something funny, not realising that it was the boots.

It didn't really matter that Lister was wearing the moon boots anyway, since they found out their dates were skeletons. (RD: Kryten)