The boys from the Dwarf in the club, along with Harmony de Gauthier and Einstein Bob

The Lady Be Good Club was an underground bar or speakeasy during the early-to-mid 20th century. The club was located in an unnamed city of the American Southwest on Earth, the homeworld of humans.

In the alternate dimension version of Earth named "Twentica" under the rule of the Expanoids, where scientific discovery and technological progress had been outlawed, the Lady Be Good Club became a clandestine meeting place for the Resistance Bunnies - a group of secretive inventors, geniuses and scientists who had resolved to end the Expanoids and free the progress of mankind.

When Starbug crash landed in the desert, the boys from the Dwarf were able to locate the club some time soon after, given directions by a dying man. There they became acquainted with the Resistance Bunny leader Harmony de Gauthier a.k.a. Professor Baldwin, who was in disguise as a go-go dancer. The Dwarfers then went out onto the streets and located Einstein Bob, bringing him back to the club to help complete an EMP weapon against the Expanoids.

Although the Expanoids discovered and raided the club, they were too late, with the Dwarfers buying them enough time, and Einstein Bob completing the weapon to deactivate the Expanoids. (Twentica, Series XI)

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