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Insignia of the JMC

Jmc recruitment by san tus-d61wni8

The Jupiter Mining Corporation or JMC was the section of the Space Corps that licensed ships, like Red Dwarf, to conduct mining operations in deep space.

They made cut-backs before Red Dwarf left Earth for the last time, removing their Quark-level matter/anti-matter engine core and causing the ship to be laid out differently, including removing a karaoke bar on G-deck. (RD: Back in the Red I)

The JMC building in London was well known to Lister, as was the Taj Mahal tandoori restaurant behind it. (RD: Tikka to Ride)

Eventually, Red Dwarf made contact with the JMC mainframe. This computer was able to issue orders and supervise JMC vessels without Human input. (RD: Trojan)

Trivia Edit

The Jupiter Mining Corporation was a mining company that had an office at room 02-842 on the Promenade of Starbase Deep Space 9 in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine This establishment, which seems to be named after or originate from Jupiter, is listed on a Promenade directory map seen in many episodes of DS9. It is a deliberate reference to Red Dwarf.

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