John Milhous Nixon was a prominent Earth politician, and President of the United States of America at some point in the mid-to-late 22nd century, at the time when the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf first left Earth's Solar System. President John Milhous Nixon was not human, but actually a hologram of a deceased human who had been dead for four decades.

Three million years later, when Dave Lister came out stasis aboard Red Dwarf and Holly brought Rimmer back as a hologram, Rimmer was upset at the fact that he was dead. Lister tried to make Rimmer feel better by mentioning various famous holograms who had died and then gone on to be successful. One of the examples mentioned by Lister was the hologram President of the United States, who had been dead for 40 years. (Pilot episode deleted scenes. Scene also included in the "original assembly" version of the pilot episode as seen in The Bodysnatcher Collection)

President John Milhous Nixon almost destroyed Earth's star in a weather control experiment, and so ordered the building of a space arc for humankind, the Mayflower. (Last Human novel)


  • Given the similarity in name, it is likely that John Milhous Nixon was a descendant of Richard Milhous Nixon, the real-life 37th President of the US between 1969 to 1974. Lister says that John had only been dead for 40 years.
  • Lister mentions Nixon by name in the Series VI episode "Out of Time". Lister says to Kryten to "not Nixon him" as Kryten lies about his knowledge of Lister's future fate. This is a joke on how President Nixon was often seen as a dishonest character, mostly due to the Watergate Scandal which caused Nixon to resign.
  • In the first episode of Series VII, the boys from the Dwarf meet another of history's US Presidents, John F. Kennedy.