"Just havin a little fun, Mister Swanky-pants"
-Jimmy (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)

Jimmy was a patron of the Last Chance Saloon in Kryten's western hallucination.

Biography Edit

When Kryten contracted the Armageddon Virus, he began to hallucinate a wild west town called Existence. In that town, he was a drunken sheriff who was a laughingstock with the locals. He staggered into the Last Chance Saloon looking for his next drink.

He was greeted at the door by Jimmy, a professional gambler and gunslinger, who seemed to spend all his time in the saloon. Jimmy wore a white shirt, black waistcoat and a black ribbon tie. His hair was neatly coiffed and he had deep sideburns.

Jimmy sarcastically suggested it was very rare to see such a sober man as Sheriff Kryten in a sleazy drinking pit, proceeding to trip Kryten as he passed by. Kryten angrily confronted Jimmy, who seemed eager to test himself against the once fast-handed gunslinger. Kryten backed down and got himself a drink. When the Apocalypse Boys showed up in the street outside, Jimmy sent the sheriff out to parley with them.

Later, as Kryten tried to sell his belongings for more alcohol, Lister , Rimmer and The Cat appeared in the scenario to help. Jimmy used his whip to grab Kryten's whiskey bottle. Lister used his knife skills to sever the whip and then pin both of Jimmy's gun hands to the wall before flicking an apple into his mouth. Spitting out the apple, Jimmy called to his two henchmen, Frank and Nuke, to shoot Lister. This was where The Cat stepped forward and displayed his gunslinging abilities by shooting their bullets out of the air. When the rest of Jimmy's cronies tried to stop them leaving, Rimmer wiped the floor with them using his bare-fist fighting skills. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)


Jimmy was a classic western saloon shark - dishonest, cruel and sarcastic.


Gunslinging, poker playing, whipcraft.


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