Jim Bexley Speed played roof attack for the London Jets, a record-breaking Zero Gravity Football team.


Speed broke the all-time record for yardage during the 2174-2175 season, covering a distance of 4,636 square yards in the regular season. On one occasion when playing against the Berlin Bandits, he took on and defeated nine men, leaving the commentators speechless. Dave Lister saw this game live and was a big fan of Speed, and once had his picture taken with a very unimpressed Speed standing next to him ("Future Echoes"). Like his delusion about his guitar playing, Lister observes, "He was really, really, really, really thrilled to meet me."

When Lister got pregnant with twin boys by his alternate universe counterpart Deb Lister, he named them Jim and Bexley Lister after Jim Bexley Speed. ("Parallel Universe")