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The Jupiter Mining Corporation or JMC was the section of the Space Corps that licensed ships, like Red Dwarf, to conduct mining operations throughout Earth's Solar System, and also interstellar, into Deep Space around the Galaxy.

Dress-code throughout the JMC was the Jupiter Mining Corporation Uniform. It was staffed by officers, miners, and vending machine repairmen.

English was the official language of the Space Corps, but the Jupiter Mining Corporation also made extensive use of Esperanto. Many of the corridors of Red Dwarf are labelled in both English and Esperanto.

Bazookoids were common tools used by the JMC to blast apart rocks and ores. Holo-saws were also sometimes used.

Arnold Rimmer was with the JMC for fifteen years, and Dave Lister eight months, before the accident which killed the rest of the crew of Red Dwarf. (RD: The End)

Before construction of Red Dwarf was complete the JMC made cut-backs removing the bio-neural computer networking, the Quark-level matter/anti-matter Engine Core and causing the ship to be laid out differently, including removing a Karaoke Bar on C deck. (RD: Back in the Red I)

The JMC building in London was well known to Lister, as was the Taj Mahal tandoori restaurant behind it. (RD: Tikka to Ride)

The Leviathan was a JMC supply ship that suffered a nasty fate, succumbing to the Epideme virus and ended up in an astro-glacier. (RD: Epideme)

Eventually, Red Dwarf made contact with the JMC mainframe. This computer was able to issue orders and supervise JMC vessels without human input. (RD: Trojan)

The JMC had its own board game, mine-opoly. (RD: Samsara)

They were eventually bought out by M-Corp sometime after the radiation leak occurred. (RD: M-Corp)


The Jupiter Mining Corporation was a mining company that had an office at room 02-842 on the Promenade of Starbase Deep Space 9 in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine This establishment, which seems to be named after or originate from Jupiter, is listed on a Promenade directory map seen in many episodes of DS9. It is a deliberate reference to Red Dwarf.

The insignia of JMC takes heavy inspiration from the logo of the DeLorean Motor Company/DMC.

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