The Io Amateur Wargamers was a historical military reenactment society based on Io in the mid-to-late 22nd century. Apparently a youth organisation, it was possibly part of the Space Scouts of Io House.

The group also included, or was affiliated with, the "Recreaters of the Battle of Neasden Society".

A young Arnold Rimmer was a fervent member of the group, perhaps inspired by the military history of his family, and the contents of a family heirloom given to him by his social father.

Three million years later, as Rimmer played out his military fantasies and took control of the "heroes" of Waxworld, Rimmer said that if the group could see him now they would choke on their pike-staffs. (Meltdown, Series IV)


  • The "Battle of Neasden" is a fictional battle, although it is possible that it is still yet to occur within the fictional universe. Alternatively, one of the colonies on Io may have been named after the English town, where the supposed battle had - or will - take place.

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