Rimmer, in Lister's body, enjoys the hot tub


Muscle Women Magazine

Officer'sGym Caligula

The name of the sauna

The hot tub was a recreational hot tub jacuzzi, aboard Red Dwarf and adjacent to the Captain's quarters.

It is identified as the Officer's Gym - Caligula Suite in the extended scene in The Bodysnatcher Collection.

Three million years later, the hologram Rimmer once swapped consciousness with the human Lister, promising to use the gymnasium to get Lister's body fit. However Rimmer didn't do this, instead using the hot tub of the Captain's quarters.

Rimmer, in Lister's body, soaked in the hot tub, moaning and reading "Muscle Women" magazine, and exclaiming "this is training!" ("Bodyswap", Series III)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Kryten was originally supposed to have featured in this scene. The mechanoid would have approached Rimmer (in Lister's body) when called over as Rimmer soaked in the hot tub, and would have lit Rimmer's cigar with a flame produced from his finger. Such a device was produced and the scene was filmed; in fact, it was the first scene Robert Llewellyn ever filmed as Kryten. However the device kept misfiring, repeatedly electrocuting Robert. The scene was scrapped. (Series III DVD booklet)
    This scene was believed lost for many years, but later recovered and was included in the bonus features of The Bodysnatcher Collection for "Bodyswap".

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