Homo sapiens or humans are a race of bipedal mammals that evolved alongside other great apes, but are separated from other primates by their ability to reason, their "sapience", and intelligence, allowing them to make full use of technology. Humans were originally from Earth, but eventually expanded throughout the Solar System, establishing colonies on other planetary bodies and moons, such as Mimas, Mars and Io.

The last remaining original human on record that originated from this plane of existence is Dave Lister, after spending three million years in stasis on the mining ship Red Dwarf.

As of Series VIII there are more humans in the universe than just Lister, but Lister remains the last "true" human of Red Dwarf's native dimension. Kristine Kochanski is from an alternate dimension and the crew of the Red Dwarf, including the now alive Arnold Rimmer are actually artificially manufactured humans created by Kryten's nanobots. At the end of Back to Earth, Rimmer is a hologram once again, Kochanski is somewhere out in space alone on a Blue Midget, and the rest of the humans are off in a fleet of Starbug and Blue Midget craft.