An undamaged HP Suite on Floor 592 of Red Dwarf'

The Holographic Projection Suite, or HP Suite, was a chamber aboard Red Dwarf from which the ship's hologram was generated, and could be controlled from.

The HP Suite only appeared in Series II, and the hologram Arnold Rimmer's later use of the Light Bee would make use of the HP Suite redundant. The HP Suite does however play a small but pivotal role in one Series V episode.


The suite was located on floor 592 of Red Dwarf and was a large room filled with sophisticated computer equipment. There was a bank of monitors where operators could see the thoughts and dreams of the ship's current holographic crewmember. A console with a headset attached allowed the operator to upload memories from his own mind and paste them into that of the hologram.



Listers memory

"He was probably only expecting a tie."

When Lister wanted to give Rimmer a deathday present, he went to the projection suite and used his own memories of an ex-girlfriend to give Rimmer a past love affair that made him happier and more secure. Lister later used the suite to remove the memories when Rimmer discovered the deception.(RD: Thanks for the Memory)


Lister is blown up in the Projection Suite

Later, when a meteor struck the ship, Rimmer's body and personality became corrupted. This made his legs wander off on their own and various crewmember's minds to temporarily take over his actions. The damage made him appear to mimic Brannigan, Lister, Holly and The Cat. Lister was able to get to the suite and repair the damage by overriding the charred relays, but not without being exploded and nearly killed by Holly's ineptitude. (RD: Queeg)


When Rimmer was driven insane and given psi-powers by a Holo Virus, the others were able to disable Rimmer and restore him through a remote link to the Holographic Projection Suite. They only found this link because Lister was under the influence of the luck virus at the time. (RD: Quarantine)

Rimmer was able to link up the Holo Suite to a bio-printer in helping him create dozens of clones of himself, along with some old DNA he had found. (RD: Officer Rimmer)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Holographic Projection Suite was used in only two episodes of Series II, with any holographic work in later series being undertaken in other science rooms and consoles. Rimmer would of course later begin using the personal Light Bee, allowing him to become more mobile, and no longer require the HP Suite for his projection.
  • A deleted scene from "Queeg", during which the HP Suite had been damaged, showed Rimmer taking on the personality of many more crewmembers. These included Captain Hollister, an Italian man and a woman with a London accent.
  • Lister being blown up in the HP Suite (and almost being killed by it) in "Queeg" is is presumably the same explosion Rimmer previously saw a future echo of in "Future Echoes", although that vision took place in the Drive Room it appears identical and hasn't occurred again (yet).

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