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The ship on the hull of Red Dwarf

Hogey the Roguey's ship was a small, bubble-shaped, one-man spacecraft used by the rogue droid and thief Hogey the Roguey.

Hogey would magnetically seal his ship to the hull of bigger vessels, and use his Molecular Destabilizer to turn the walls transparent, enabling him to walk though the walls and gain entry. Hogey gained access to the Simulant Death Ship in this manner, whilst the Simulant Generals slumbered, and stole the galactic map from them.

Hogey later got into the G Deck of Red Dwarf in the same way, which he had presumably done numerous times before, since the boys from the Dwarf were familiar with him. Hogey had apparently stolen the galactic map to use as leverage in his games with the Dwarfers. Unfortunately, Hogey had unwittingly led the Simulant Death Ship strait to Red Dwarf, since they had noticed the theft and followed Hogey's ship. (The Beginning, Series X)