"Headbanger" Harris was a member of the crew of Red Dwarf before the accident which killed the crew.

Although unseen, Harris is mentioned as being the kitchen porter, so it was likely he was working in the galley alongside chefs Tim, Olaf Petersen, and Selby and Chen.

Headbanger Harris was an avid drug user and Dave Lister once acquired (i.e. stole from his locker) a consignment of Titan Mushrooms, also known as Freaky Fungus, from Harris. Lister used some of these to cook a breakfast for his bunkmate Arnold Rimmer, rather than snitch out Harris to Captain Hollister. ("Stasis Leak")


  • Although an unseen character, Headbanger Harris is the catalyst for everything which transpires in the episode, since it was Headbanger Harris who originally smuggled the Titan Mushrooms aboard Red Dwarf.
  • Headbanger Harris evidently spent some time on Titan, perhaps on shore leave, since that is was the origin of his drugs. It is also likely that Headbanger Harris is a member of the "space beatnik community" Rimmer says favor Titan Mushrooms.
  • It is unknown whether Headbanger Harris brought the drugs aboard for personal, recreational use, or to deal in them on the black market. Lister could have lied when he said to Rimmer that he stole the mushrooms from Harris, meaning Harris may have been the resident drug dealer on Red Dwarf.