Harrison was a crewmember aboard Red Dwarf.


Harrison was killed in the radiation leak that wiped out Red Dwarf's crew. Like all crew, her personality had been stored on a disc for possible revival as a hologram.

When Arnold Rimmer was trying to join the crew of the holoship Enlightenment, his colleagues aboard Red Dwarf held interviews for the soon to be vacant position of ship's hologram. Harrison was one of the candidates.

She was slightly taken aback when she learned that the current crew consisted of Dave Lister, Kryten and The Cat. They seemed to spend most of their time playing poker and eating curry - a lot of it. She was more interested in horse riding and ballet, which Lister was happy to accommodate, provided there was time for a curry afterward.

When asked if she would like to become the new permanent hologram, she replied that she was better off where she was. When the Cat reminded her that she was dead, she said that meeting the Dwarfers had made her appreciate death all the more.

The Dwarfers then decided to interview Deck Sergeant Sam Murray instead and Harrison returned to a state of non-existence. ("Holoship", Series V)


  • Harrison's first name and rank aboard Red Dwarf is never stated. However, given her demeanor and hobbies, she was apparently middle-class and likely an officer. She was apparently unmarried, since Kryten referred to her as "Miss".