A six-week-old Lister is left in a box under the Aigburth Arms Grav-Pool table, 2155 (Ouroboros)


Lister on the same table as an adult (White Hole)

"They used to call me Dave "Cinzano Bianco" Lister. Because once you'd got me on the table, you couldn't get rid of me"
- Dave Lister (White Hole)

Gravity pool, also known as Grav-Pool, was a popular bar game on Earth in the mid-22nd century.

It is unknown exactly how it worked or what the rules were, but it was based on traditional pool, and made interesting and unique uses of Gravity Fields just like Zero Gravity Football.

In 2155, a six-week-old Dave Lister was found in a box under the Grav-Pool table of the Aigburth Arms in Liverpool. (Ouroboros)

Upon reaching adulthood, Dave Lister still frequented the Aigburth Arms, and had had become something of a legend on the Grav-Pool table.

Three million years later, Lister was able to put these skills to the test when the "played pool with planets". He did this whilst drunk, which always improved his game. Lister succeeded with a trick shot - firing a nuclear bomb from Starbug to knock a planet into a sun, causing a solar flare to knock a larger planet into (and block up) a white hole. (White Hole)

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