The Ganymedian mafia was an organised crime outfit that came from the seedy underbelly of Earth's solar system, and was active in the mid-to-late 22nd century.


Based out of Jupiter's moon Ganymede, they ran criminal operations throughout the solar system, especially on Ganymede and Saturn's moon Mimas.

Among their illegal activities included protection rackets, loan sharking, distributing Bliss, and organising the blood sport Toot.

Red Dwarf flight coordinator George McIntyre had a gambling problem, was addicted to Toot and had accumulated numerous debts with the mob. When going to get a loan on Mimas to pay off the debts, it turned out to be a mob front, and McIntyre was asked to meet with three "representatives" of the mob in the Dali lounge of the Mimas Hilton. However, when he didn't have the money, the three thugs cut off McIntyre's nose and fed it to him.

Back aboard Red Dwarf, McIntyre shot himself, and was brought back as the ship's hologram, replacing Frank Saunders. As a dead man, McIntyre could no longer be targeted by the mob. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)


BetterThanLifeGELFs (1)

A possible appearance by the Ganymedian mafia in "Better Than Life" (center left)

  • The individuals who look like gangsters with metal heads/hats seen among the Better Than Life GELFs may have been and unnamed reference to be the Ganymedian mafia. ("Better Than Life", Series II)
  • Lister's favourite cartoon character Mugs Murphy resembles a bumbling 1930s gangster, and may have been an in-universe satire or reference to the space mafia.
  • When Kryten entered the TIV Gumshoe to retrieve Lister from the game, Kryten was forced to choose a character to do so. This character was Sammy the Squib, a mafia hitman and crack shot with a tommy gun.