Frank Saunders was a crewmember of Red Dwarf mentioned only in the novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers. Saunders is notable for having been the original hologram aboard Red Dwarf, before he was replaced as ship hologram by George McIntyre, and much later, Arnold Rimmer.


Frank Saunders was an engineer who worked for Jupiter Mining Corporation assigned to Red Dwarf. When he first signed up he and his wife Carole Saunders knew mining would be dangerous, but the money was good, he was crushed by a 4,000 Kg demolition ball and died whilst working. He was brought back as a hologram, since Holly could only maintain one hologram at a time, and Saunders was deemed the most important or only dead dead crewmember.

However, Saunders couldn't get to grips of the metaphysics of being dead, and the thought of his wife/Widow Carole Saunders moving on as result he had to have metaphysical therapy sessions.

It was half way through one of the therapy sessions that crew member Weiner ran in on and inadvertently walked through Frank to in form him that Flight Coordinator George McIntyre had committed suicide. As a result McIntyre's hologram was deemed more important, and was to replace Frank's Hologram. Frank not dealing with death very well was relieved to hear this news. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)