Frank was a patron of the Aigburth Arms in Liverpool.

Frank was a large man with brown haIr and a pronounced Liverpool accent. He wore a leather jacket and a bootlace necklace. He was the first customer to enter the Aigburth Arms on the night that Dave Lister left his own infant self in a cardboard box underneath the pool table of the pub.

After he called to the barmaid, asking if anyone was serving, Frank heard the baby Lister's cries coming from under the pool table. He dragged the box out and picked it up, placing it on the bar. He explained to the barmaid what had happened. When she remarked that his parents had written the baby's name on the box, Frank declared them to be "Thicker than a ticket tout's wad", because they had spelt it incorrectly. He did not realise that the word was not "Our Rob or Ross", but was actually "Ouroboros". (RD: Ouroboros)

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