Flashback was a comic story published in Red Dwarf Smegazine. It was written by Nigel Kitching, who also provided the artwork. It featured Duane Dibbley.

Plot SummaryEdit

The Cat begins to hallucinate, believing that once again he is Duane Dibbley. In the hallucination, after Duane and his friends shot themselves with a single bullet, the bullet never escaped from Billy Doyle's skull, leaving Duane the only survivor. Duane was blamed for the murder of his three friends, and must now undergo medical tests for his sanity.

Meanwhile, back on Red Dwarf, Holly informs the crew that Cat his hallucinating. Kryten prepares the Lithium Carbonate and sprays it on the Cat, bringing him back to sanity. When Cat comes around, he finds that he has been threatening to slice his own throat with a herring.

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