Fish rain

Rimmer witnessing fish rain in the sleeping quarters

Fish rain2

The state of the floor

Fish rain was a reported supernatural occurrence and bizarre meteorological phenomenon on Earth.

Three million years later aboard the Red Dwarf, Arnold Rimmer noted the raining animals of Earth, and especially that of a rain of herring in 12th-century Burgundy in Europe.

Since Dave Lister had contracted space pneumonia, his hallucinations were manifested into reality. These included his Confidence and Paranoia, the Mayor of Warsaw, and a rain of fish in the sleeping quarters.

There was no need to clean up the fish afterwards, since the Cat ate them all. (RD: Confidence and Paranoia)


  • The fish rain was created by crew throwing them from above and unloading buckets of them from the rafters. Most were dead but some live ones were carefully placed on set, such as in the arms of the sleeping Lister.
  • As noted on the cast commentary for the episode on the Series I DVD, there were a large number of fish brought in for the scene. They quickly went bad under the hot studio lights, and the set smelt of them for some time.

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