Existence was a fictional wild west town created by Kryten's subconscious when he was infected with the Armageddon Virus.

It was a small American frontier town which Kryten dreamed about during his attempt to create an antidote to the virus. There were a few wooden buildings along a wide street which included a livery stable, a town marshal's office, a dry goods store, the Last Chance Saloon and a blacksmith's establishment. There were hitching posts outside the buildings for tying up horses.

Kryten imagined himself as the sheriff of Existence, ridiculed by the inhabitants for being a drunkard. The people of Existence included Jimmy, Frank, Nuke, Lola and Bear Strangler McGee, as well as many others. Most of these townspeople fled at the sight of strangers, while those who remained were not afraid to tangle with the Dwarfers. The Boys entered Kryten's mind using an Artificial Reality console and a western game to give themselves special skills.

Over the exit from the main street was a large painted wooden sign that stated "You are now leaving Existence". As people passed under the sign, they vanished into nothingness. As Kryten tried to "leave town", which would kill him, The Cat fired a wild, ricocheting shot that made the sign swing down and knock Kryten over.

The Dwarfers faced the Apocalypse Boys in the main street, buying enough time for Kryten to finish his antidote program. The Apocalypse Boys disappeared and Kryten awoke, causing Existence to fade away (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse).

Behind the scenesEdit

Existence was filmed in the wild west recreation town of Laredo in Kent, England. Laredo is a western theme town run by enthusiasts, which has been used in several films and TV shows and has been substantially upgraded since Gunmen of the Apocalypse was filmed.

In the extras section of the Series VI DVD, Robert Llewellyn revisits Laredo and sees how it has been improved.

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