Evolution is a comic story published in Red Dwarf Smegazine.


Kryten and Rimmer test out an E-accelerator, a device which accelerates evolution. Kryten fires the gun at Lister's bacon sandwich, turning it into a pig. Lister tells Kryten that the gun is working backwards, and is actually devolving its targets. Kryten goes away to repair the gun, believing that he has fixed it. Kryten fires the gun at Rimmer, which turns him into the hologram equivalent of a silent film. The pig fires the gun again whilst sniffing it, turning Lister into an ape, Cat into a cat, and Kryten into a vacuum cleaner.

Talkie Toaster then steps in to help return everyone to normal, on the condition that everyone promises to eat toasted sandwiches. The Toaster gives the Skutters instructions on how to repair the E-accelerator, and a Skutter tests it out on the pig. The pig evolves into a humanoid female, so the Skutter proceeds to return the members of the crew back to normal.

Lister then tries to flirt with the Pig, who slaps him as he was the one who was about to eat her between two slices of bread. The Pig then seals herself in a stasis booth, waiting for the rest of Pigkind to evolve to her level of intelligence.


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