Ore sample pods could be used as escape pods

An Escape Pod was a small vessel that could be launched from a larger spaceship.

Starbug has a single one man escape pod. The pod first appeared as an egg-shaped red craft similar to the design of the Red Dwarf. It was used by Rimmer to return to Red Dwarf from Lanstrom's planet as his hologram projection light bee was needed for Dr. Hildegard Lanstrom. (RD: Quarantine)

When Rimmer suggested that he use it to escape from the imminent destruction of Starbug, Lister infomed him that the escape pod hadescaped the previous Thursday when he used its launch lever to open a bottle of beer. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)

The escape pod was either eventually recaptured or recreated due to the time paradox as Able later escaped in it and saved the Starbug crew from the Simulant on the SS Centauri using Kryten's negadrive. The pod than crash landed on an asteroid killing Able. (RD: Beyond a Joke)

It is unknown if the pod was salvaged and repaired. If it was than it was destroyed when Starbug crashed into the cargo bays in the newly recreated Red Dwarf.  (RD: Back in the Red I)

An escape pod stolen from a colonization seeding ship was also housed on the Simulant Battle Cruiser. To escape from the disintegrating Simulant ship, Rimmer sneaked aboard it, abandoning his crew mates. The pod was set to find the nearest S-3 or Earth-like planet. The one it found was through a worm hole which the pod traversed. It then crash landed and was abandoned on the planet. It contained various forms of terraforming equipment such as "eco-accelerator rocket" and genetic modifiers (possibly related to the ones on the DNA Ship). (RD: Rimmerworld)

Another escape pod from the SS Hermes carried the sole survivor from that ship's corrosive virus's attack, Talia Garrett, to Red Dwarf. The pod was in the form of a triangular prism and was textured much like Red Dwarf. It accidentally brought the virus to Red Dwarf which started to corrode it. (RD: Only The Good...)

An escape pod was somewhat similar to the Red Dwarf garbage pods, which were smaller pods used by Red Dwarf to remove the ship's trash. They were around the size of a water or gas tank and looked a lot like one. They probably did not have propulsion and mechanics and were simply fired from Red Dwarf. When Holly picked one up, Rimmer, not knowing what it was, assumed that it was a craft of an alien race he named the "Quagaars." He thought they had advanced technology and could give him a solid body compared to his soft light hologrammtical one. Lister soon found out that it was a garbage pod from Red Dwarf waste disposal, but they didn't tell Rimmer as a joke. After Rimmer's self-imposed quarantine period was over (which Lister didn't follow), he got Lister to open the pod for him. Lister then pulled out a rotting roast chicken, which Rimmer assumed to be the "perfectly preserved remains of a Quagaar warrior." (RD: Waiting for God)


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