Eric White was a dead man found on the streets of Texas Dallas.



Eric White was a man that the Starbug crew found in an alternate 1966 (where JFK survived his assassination) during "Tikka to Ride". The Cat, based only on his sense of smell, believed him to be male, mid-30s, that his last meal was a salt beef sandwich with extra mayo and a gherkin, that he was a smoker and probably married because of his starched shirt.

Lister found out, based on the contents of his wallet, his name, that he was single, vegetarian and chairman of the Anti-Smoking League. He was trampled to death during the mass exodus from Dallas after a Soviet nuclear base was established in Cuba. Later on, Kryten barbecued him and served him to the Cat and Lister (much to their disgust and Rimmer's amusement), due to his guilt chip being removed and a more deviant Spare Head installed.

When the crew restored events to the way they should be, it is unknown what happened to him in the current timeline, although it's unlikely that he died in 1966 as the events that led to his death did not happen. Much of the above information is found only in the extended version of the episode "Tikka to Ride", which is still regarded as part of the canon. (RD: Tikka To Ride)