England was a constituent country of the United Kingdom on Earth.


David Lister was English, from the city of Liverpool. He was a fan of the London Jets zero gravity football team. ("Future Echoes")

Arnold Rimmer and his family were from the moon Io, but spoke with an English accent, as did many other people encountered by the Boys from the Dwarf.

England had an underwater hockey team that was on a tour of Titan when Better than Life was released. ("Better than Life")

Rimmer once thought that he had lived in Liverpool because Lister had given him 8 months of his memory. Lister and his then girlfriend Lise Yates also spent a night in the English town of Southport, which Rimmer remembered. ("Thanks for the Memory")

When the crew passed through a Time Hole, they found themselves in England on an Earth where time was running backwards. They were 178 miles from London. ("Backwards")

When they discovered the timeslides, the Dwarfers were able to travel into their pasts. These included trips to England, where Lister was playing with his band and where his rich self had his mansion. The rich Lister married an English noble, Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones. ("Timeslides")

Rimmer once mentioned being a member of "The Recreators of the Battle of Neasden Society." This battle presumably occurred in or near Neasden, London. ("Meltdown")

Lister tried to use the time drive from the Gemini 12 to visit a curry house in London, but the Dwarfers ended up in Dallas instead. ("Tikka to Ride")

He later used the time drive to place his infant self under the pool table in the Aigburth Arms, a Liverpool pub. ("Ouroboros")

The Cat stated that a warm room where they were trying to thaw a frozen body was "Hotter than an English beer." When Lister was asked what his brief death had been like, he asked Kochanski if she had ever been to the English town of Swindon. ("Epideme")

Holly compared the frozen nature of the Canaries aboard the SSS Silverberg to the English football team Queen's Park Rangers (Q.P.R.). ("Cassandra")

Lister insisted that if a Tyrannosaurus Rex was a human, it would be a Geordie (a person from Newcastle, England), "The kind of guy who wears a t-shirt in the middle of winter and his nipples don't even get hard." ("Pete II")

The crew were sucked through a dimensional portal that transported them to 21st century London. They then travelled to Manchester to visit the set of Coronation Street. This turned out to be a group hallucination caused by a despair squid. (Back To Earth)

When their rejuvenation shower malfunctioned, the Dwarfers found themselves in Albion in the year 23 AD, a country that would eventually become England. They had to walk thousands of miles to reach India, where they could make a battery from lemons. ("Lemons")

According to Space Corps directive 723, terraformers were forbidden from recreating the English town of Swindon. (Red Dwarf 1996 Log Book)

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