The chief of the Sakenyako hails Starbug: "Prepare to die, human ship of scum!"

Ekwahektay was the chief of a tribe of humanoid GELF known as the Sakenyako. Like many of his kind, he had a fairly primitive outlook on life, although he was in command of a fleet of six imposing gunships.

Although he hated humans, Ekwahektay called off an attack on the boys from the Dwarf due to the presence of Butler, a mechanoid genius who had saved his tribe from illness some time previously. In return, Butler had been made an honorary Sakenyako, godparent to the chief's daughter, and given a lifetime's supply of GELF berry wine, which Butler used as weedkiller on his gardens on the Nova 3.

Ekwahektay left Starbug on good terms, although he teleported Butler onto his own ship to help heal his dying father Baknaknegath. ("Krysis", Series XI)


  • Ekwahektay was portrayed by actor Robert Nairne. He was credited simply as "GELF chief", although the name of the character is spoken in the episode.
  • Ekwahektay is the only member of his tribe seen, although others are mentioned.