Arnold Rimmer prepares to launch the rockets from a mountain top, the first step to creating his own planet...

Eco-Accelerator Rockets were a very advanced terraforming technology used by the Space Corps, that could turn desolate planetoids into S3 Planets in a matter of days upon being launched.

When marooned on a desolate desert planet, Arnold Rimmer was able to transform the planet into a lush and verdant paradise in a very short time with the Eco-Accelerator Rockets. The Eco-Accelerator Rockets were found inside the escape pod Rimmer had landed there in, since Rimmer had taken the escape pod from the wreck of the Simulant Battle Cruiser and the Rogue Simulants had earlier looted the escape pod from a derelict seeding ship.

After firing the Eco-Accelerator Rockets from a mountain-top, the planet was wracked by intense storms for six days, the likes of which Rimmer had never seen. When the storms cleared, rivers, flowers, trees and plants had appeared. This "Garden of Eden" was eventually overtaken by Rimmer's clones, becoming Rimmerworld. ("Rimmerworld")