Docking Foot F clamped onto the DNA ship

A Docking Foot is an extendable and retractable crane, located on the outer hull of the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf has a large number of docking feet, labeled alphabetically.


The ends of the docking foot apparently had some form of suction and/or magnetism, or other unknown mechanism, which powered a form of tractor beam. The docking feet could be used to clamp onto passing asteroids for mining, or clasp wayward shuttles. Such captured asteroids and shuttles could be accessed from Red Dwarf through a passageway in the center of the docking foot, connecting the main ship to the captured object.



Alternate view

Three million years into the future, the boys from the Dwarf used Docking Foot F, located on the rear lower hull of Red Dwarf, to clamp onto and enter an alien-looking ship that was adrift nearby. ("D.N.A.", Series IV)

After the unpleasant events of that episode, the D.N.A. ship was presumably left adrift, as it was not seen again.