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Diva-Droid International Logo

DivaDroid International is a private, for-profit interstellar corporation that produces artificial intelligences, especially mechanoids, most notably Kryten and Able.


  • At the time Kryten left Earth's Solar System on the Nova 5, Professor Mamet had been the primary software designer for DivaDroid's products. Kryten looked upon Mamet as his creator.
  • Professor Mamet's former fiance, John Warburton, was the primary hardware designer. Biological matter cloned from Warburton was used in the partly organic brains of the Series 4000 mechanoid.
  • Warburton's relative Jim Reaper had been Head of Sales for the company's Space Division, and was responsible for supplying new models to spaceships around the Galaxy.


It is unknown but not unlikely that they were also involved in producing skutters, AI Vending Machines or even ship's computers like Holly or Gordon for the Jupiter Mining Corporation and the Space Corps. The Talkie Toaster was built by Crapola Inc. however, which may have been a budget subsidiary.


  • It is unknown why the corporation had "international" in it's name, since it provided services to the whole of Earth's Solar System and beyond. It is likely that it was based on Earth, with the company's Space Division (headed up by Jim Reaper) dealing with off-world mechanoid trade.

Other references

The titular space station of the science fiction series Star Trek: Deep Space 9 has a Diva Droid Corporation office, a nod to Red Dwarf's DivaDroid International.