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Denton (holding the bat) frozen in time whilst playing table tennis

Officer Denton was one of the crew of the JMC mining spaceship Red Dwarf.

Denton's capacity and role within the crew of Red Dwarf is unknown. Denton was killed by the radiation leak which killed the rest of the crew, but was revived three million years later by the nanobots.

Whilst playing ping-pong with a fellow crewmember in the Games Room, Denton was frozen in time, along with most of the rest of the crew on the ship, by Kryten using the Time Wand. Lister and Rimmer, broken free from The Hole by Bob the Skutter, passed the ping-pong playing duo and took their ball, to mess with them when they unfroze. ("Pete: I", Series VIII)

Behind the scenes

  • Denton was only named in the deleted scenes of the episode, during which a little more is revealed of the character. Denton is referred to by Rimmer as "Mr Smoothie", since he was slick with the women of the ship. Denton had also recently started dating Yvonne McGruder, an old (and brief) flame of Rimmer's. Jealous, Rimmer took the opportunity to mess with Denton further, taking a pen from Denton's uniform, and using it to draw on Denton's face.
  • Discussion regarding Yvonne McGruder in an earlier episode would seem to suggest that McGruder's other lover, apart from Rimmer, was an unknown male crewmember named "Norman". It is possible that Norman and Denton are one and the same person, meaning that Norman may be Denton's first name.