Rimmer at the dentist

The city sized ship red dwarf has dental practices for the crew members who are away from home for long periods on aboard ship.


At dinner at the captains table, Rimmer has taken the sexual magnetism virus in a very large dose and charms everyone. Rimmer soon finds the sexual magnetism virus is not so great, as every time he gets up to fetch refreshments a female guest follows him and forces him to have sex with her, successively wearing him down further and further and forcing encounters with those he would prefer not to be with. Hollister discusses the psychotropic testing he's conducting on the others and reveals that Lister and co merely believe they are escaping when in fact they are really in artificial reality where their actions are being monitored. Rimmer, who realises that Lister could end up mentioning the deal they had regarding the confidential files and land him in a heap of trouble, excuses himself and scrambles to the AR suite. On his journey, he decides to try and regain some of his self-control and injects his groin with anaesthetic from the dental practice. It spreads to his left leg, however, and he is forced to hobble to the AR suite while the female crew still admire him.

RD Dentists

Later on Lister and Kristine lead by the cat they stop off at a dental practice to find a disguise. Hear they find white medical coats, dentures and mop heads from the cleaners cupboard. Whith these articles they pass them self's off as the Dibly family.(RD: Back in the Red II)

Later, the gang made use of the Denti-Bot, an alternate mode of the Medi-Bot. (Series X)