Deki was a Dingotang guard at the GELF penal colony Cyberia.


Deki worked as a prison officer and was in charge of providing comforts to the prisoners who had volunteered for the Reco Program. One of the perks was to spend their last night with a Symbi-morph. The only Symbi-morph available when Dave Lister volunteered was called Reketrebn.

Reketrebn was unbroken, which meant that she did not obey the commands given to her by her hosts. She had given four of her five hooks to Deki, meaning that she was bonded to him in a very intimate way. She wanted nothing more than to please Deki and did not want to be with Lister. Deki treated her like a piece of property and cruelly beat her until she complied.

Lister managed to convince Reketrebn to betray Deki, who he said was unworthy of her. She helped Lister to escape Cyberia, only for them to end up on the very ship that they wished to avoid. (Last Human)
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