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Deb Lister
Deb lister
Race Human
Place of Origin Earth
Appearances Parallel Universe
Ace Rimmer Space Adventurer
Alter Egos Dave Lister
Family Presumably gender opposite versions of Dave Lister's, Jim and Bexley Lister (sons)
Actor Angela Bruce

"Well, it's not exactly female-orientated anymore, not since the sixties. You know, the equal-rights-for-men marches. You know, they burned their jockstraps and all that."
-Deb Lister (Parallel Universe)

Deb Lister was Dave Lister's female counterpart from a parallel universe where women are the dominant sex and men are the ones that get pregnant.

Biography Edit

Little biographical information about Deb is known. It could be assumed her life followed a parallel course to Dave's, only with a female perspective (though given some reversed gender roles as well these differences are less defined). The only noticeable difference was that while Dave smuggled a cat on board, whose descendant is The Cat, Deb smuggled a dog on board, whose descendant is The Dog.

When Deb met Dave, they engaged in a drinking contest that resulted in a torrid overnight affair, something they both seemed to regret. The unintended consequence of this affair was that Dave, not Deb, became pregnant and ultimately gave birth to Jim and Bexley Lister. ("Parallel Universe")

The twins were later sent back to their father's, Deb's, dimension as this was required for their long term survival due to them being conceived there. ("Backwards")


Deb shares many of the same slobbish idiosyncrasies that Dave does, a four star space bum.


  • "I wouldn't exactly say [society] is female-oriented anymore, not since the sixties, and the equal rights for men marches, when they burnt their jockstraps and all that." (Parallel Universe)
  • "I assumed you had taken care of that, it is the man's job to use precautions." (Parallel Universe)

Behind the ScenesEdit


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