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Daniel Barker
Primary Role The Universe
Additional Roles Lift, Croquet Announcer, Alien Natural History Presenter

Daniel Barker is a voice actor who appeared in four episodes of Series XI of Red Dwarf, making him one of the most recurring guest performers in the show's history alongside the likes of Tony Hawks, who made numerous appearances throughout Series I to Series IV. Unlike Hawks though Barker's appearances were in one continuous block of episodes towards the latter half of one season, and only ever were speaking roles. His first appearance was as a lift in "Give & Take", but arguably his largest role came in "Krysis" where his voice was given the to The Universe itself, albeit while doing a Morgan Freeman impersonation. He also impersonated David Attenborough for the season finale "Can of Worms", as well as playing the Croquet Announcer in "Officer Rimmer".

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