"He know everything, he big genius. He make your brain, he make your brain too. It was a Friday."
-Swallow (Back to Earth, Part Two)

The Creator is a character that only appears in the "Back to Earth" mini-series. In the crew's hallucination, the creator is the man responsible for the creation of the Red Dwarf television show. Throughout most of "Back to Earth", the crew attempt to track him down, in order to plead for more life. The Creator intends to kill off Red Dwarf, with all the cast members dying after being shot in the back by the creator himself. In the end he gets killed by Lister, after following the real script that the creator outlined. The ending to this script is not known, as it was destroyed by Lister in order to allow the crew to write their own end.

Quotes Edit

The Creator: A series cancellation sequence can't be revised once it has been established.

The Creator: You have all burned so very, very, brightly, and for so very, very, long.

The Creator: I grew weary of you.

The Creator: Nothing lasts forever, not even... banks.


The Creator and the scene he is in is a parody of the film Blade Runner.

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