The Crazed Astro


A Psiren closes in on the Crazed Astro

The Crazed Astro was an astro aboard an unknown Deep Space spaceship that was lured onto an asteroid by Psirens.

The scouter of Starbug blasted it's way into the wreck of the ship and found the Black Box. Replaying its contents to the Boys from the Dwarf, showing the Crazed Astro frantically eating a burger with sauce everywhere, saying that "they are all over the ship."

The Psiren emerged and evidently pretended to be a beautiful woman to the Crazed Astro, who struggled to see through the illusion. The Psiren then killed him, emerging covered in brains. Watching the footage caused Arnold Rimmer to faint with fear. (RD: Psirens)

Noteworthy DialogueEdit

  • "They're closing in. They're all over the ship. I know I'm next. I's only a matter of time before..."
  • "Oh, God! You're beautiful! I can't resist you. Have to be strong. I know what you want! No, you don't want to love me. You want to suck out my brains with that straw, like you did the rest of them!"
  • "Get away from me! What have done to me, you evil harlot! You've squeezed the ketchup out of my burger! Now what? No! Get that straw out of my ear!" [There is squelching and groaning, before the Psiren emerges covered in the Astro's brains]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Crazed Astro's scene was originally longer, but cut down for time reasons. The full scene can be seen in the deleted scenes on the special features of the Series VI DVD. In the full scene, the Crazed Astro talks of his fellow crewmembers the Psirens have already gotten to, and that he found brains or intestines of most of them on their bunks.

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