Crapola Inc. was the company that manufactured Talkie Toaster. (RD: White Hole)

Crapola was a maker of novelty appliances and used the slogan "Keeping it Cheap". The company was based in Taiwan on Earth, but they had retail outlets on Neptune, Venus, Ganymede and Titan. Crapola employed no humans and were thus unable to reply to any complaints, taking no responsibility for faulty merchandise.

Their website included information on Talkie Toaster, Talkie Toilet, a kid's game section and contact details.

Behind the scenesEdit

Crapola Inc. was first mentioned in "White Hole" on Talkie Toaster's boot-up screen.

The Crapola website was created as part of "Geek Chase", an online puzzle for Red Dwarf fans that led them from site to site to unlock information and reach the prize.

External linksEdit

Crapola Inc. website

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