Clare Particia Grogan (born March 17, 1962, Glasgow), is a Scottish actress and singer who played Kristine Kochanski in several episodes of the early seasons of Red Dwarf. At the time, she was best known as the lead singer with the pop group Altered Images, which had a string of hits in the 1980s.


When acting, Grogan used the name C.P. Grogan due to there already being a second Clare Grogan listed with Equity at the time. Outside of Red Dwarf, Grogan's best-known performances were in the Scottish films Gregory's Girl (1981) and Comfort and Joy (1984).

After her Red Dwarf stint, Grogan entered the world of TV presenting, and this reportedly rendered her unavailable when Kochanski was revived as a regular character for Series VII. She has, however, continued to act and her Internet Movie Database listing shows numerous acting appearances in the 1990s and 2000s, including episodes of EastEnders and Doctors. Her most recent mainstream credit is a 2013 appearance in The Wee Man.

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