Rimmer eating the chilli chutney sandwich.


Rimmer's reaction

A chilli chutney sandwich or a triple fried egg, chilli, chutney sandwich is a special type of sandwich created by Dave Lister after being inspired by reading a book on bacterialogical warfare.

It was a normal sandwich, containing three slices of white bread, three  fried eggs chili sauce and chutney. Eating it was described by Arnold Rimmer as like "having a baby" and "like a cross between food and bowel surgery". He described that, even though all its ingredients were wrong, somehow it made a right. He likened this fact to Lister's personality. Lister stated that the only trouble with the sandwich was that it had to be eaten before the bread dissolved. (RD: Thanks for the Memory)

This sandwich was hologrammatically recreated for Rimmer by Holly in "Thanks for the Memory". Lister described it as a "state of the art sarnie", however Holly was more concerned about "the state of the floor". Rimmer remembered eating the sandwich the next morning, but dismissed it as not the worst thing that had happened that evening.

Lister's other culinary creations include Shami Kebab Diablo, which is also similarly lethal, and the beer milkshake beverage. 

Some diehard fans of Red Dwarf have actually tried creating this sandwich in real life; many suggest it is actually supposed to be a triple-decker sandwich (a sandwich using three slices of bread) rather than or in addition to containing three eggs, as apparently a third slice of bread can be seen in the sandwich Rimmer eats on-screen. The general reaction is that it's actually quite tasty, though the best kind of chutney to use is a spicy-sweet flavor (mango is typically suggested).