Chi'Panastee was one of the generic, older agonoids, killed early on in an agonoid watering hole by M'Aiden Ty-One for spare parts.

At first, M'Aiden listened to Chi's interesting ideas how to torture Dave Lister, and then decided he needed a new eye, and attacked Chi for it. The fight ends well to M'Aiden and he leaves with not only a new eye, but also two ears and a heart.


Chi'Panastee joined the group of Agonoids who survived the war they were created by humans for. When humans decided to destroy their "inventions", Agonoids simply fled and promised revenge. Three million years later, the Agonoids find abandoned Red Dwarf and discover there is only one human alive in the space: Dave Lister. They transform one part of the ship into the Death Wheel that would trap the crew in the center and the chosen Agonoid would be allowed to torture them to death.

Chi'Panastee, now without one arm and ear, looks forward to this "happy moment" and, of course, hope to be the winner. He already makes several plans how to kill Lister, slowly and painfully. He plans to cut off the top of Lister's head and eats his brain while kicking him into balls. Another plan is to rip off all Lister's limbs and kills him with his right arm. The last plan is to rip off Lister's belly, force him to eat some of his own organs and then let the "food" pass through his digestive system with Lister watching.

Chi'Panastee spends his last day in the bar, having at least seven data cards (just like human's drink) in his head. He is watched by M'Aiden Ty-One who misses one eye and has no problem to steal the spare one from other Agonoid. And he chooses Chi'Panastee.

M'Aiden sits next to his next victim, hiding his missing eye, and two Agonoids start talking. Chi'Panastee is excitedly explaining his ideas to torture Lister for a while and then asks M'Aiden for his ideas. This is the right time and M'Aiden attacks Chi'Panastee and two other Agonoids quickly join the fight. Chi'Panastee ends up dead and happy M'Aiden leaves with an eye, two ears and a heart. (Backwards)


  • Most of the agonoids had mocking names given by their old human masters. Chi's name is a pun on "cheap and nasty".

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