"Sir, that wasn't made very clear... er... when you slid the sword across the table, I naturally assumed you want me to commit hari-kari." - Chancellor Wednesday (RD: The Beginning)


Chancellor Wednesday was a very hasty Chancellor of a group of Simulants known as Simulant Generals. After a rogue droid Hogey the Roguey steals a cloth map that shows everything in the Galaxy, from a Simulant Death Ship, the Simulant Generals track him on his way to Red Dwarf and attack the mining ship with three Annihilators of theirs. However, the attack isn't successful.

Chancellor Wednesday then comes to Dominator Zlurth to inform him that human from Red Dwarf, Lister, is still alive. Chancellor then begs for forgiveness. With face showing no emotions, Dominator tells him that forgiveness is a human quality, and glides his Sword of Spite across the table to his subordinate. Without thinking, Chancellor stabs himself into the gut in order to commit hari-kari (hara-kiri, or more correctly seppuku). However, Dominator then tells him to polish the sword and write a formal letter of apology as a punishment, not commit a suicide. Chancellor says that his superior's intentions weren't really made clear, then he collects his organs and leaves to cure himself.

Meanwhile, the Boys from the Dwarf take the Blue Midget and hide in an asteroid field. When Chancellor, now with many layers of bandaging around his waist, informs Dominator Zlurth and just convened Simulant War Council about that, Dominator becomes angry, causing all Simulants around him to agree with his anger lowly which makes him even angrier. He orders them to use their own heads once, but then one of them tries to tell him what happened to the last Simulants who did so. He is immediately sentenced to death and hauled out of the room. Dominator then orders to send out probes to find their enemy's ship.

When the Blue Midge finally shows up, it is immediately encircled by the Simulant Death Ship and three Annihilators. Rimmer contacts Dominator and Chancellor and threatens to write a complaint letter to Geneva if they will keep violating the Geneva Convention. Two Simulants ignore his warning and fire their missiles from the Death Ship and Annihilators at the same time. Lister then uses the Molecular Destabilizerto destabilize the Blue Midge's hulls to allow the missiles to pass through the ship unharmed, causing them to hit the opposite Simulant crafts and kill all Simulants abroad. Just before his death, Dominator gets scared and tries to take appeal on the Geneva Convention to Rimmer, but now it is Rimmer who ignores him.

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