This category contains articles relating to unofficial fan made additions to the Red Dwarf story line.

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Fan Sites

Fan Fiction

As of September 28, 2012 there are 743 pieces of Red Dwarf fan fiction on FanFiction.Net (more fan fiction). As of Febuary 24, 2013 there are 394 works of Red Dwarf fan fiction on Archive of Our Own.

Fan Art

As of September 28, 2012 there are 1,392 entries for Red Dwarf fan art on the devaintART user submitted artwork website (not all search results are relevant).

October 2009 Searches:

Some other links that do not show up when searching fan art: Backwards novel fan art, Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers fan art. There are many, many, others, but searching for them in the main categories (3252) means you have to sort through a lot of non-Dwarf related content.

Some good random categories to look through (though still filled with non-related results):

There are currently three entires for Red Dwarf on the Elfwood user submitted artwork site.

Not exactly fan art but interesting, these web comics that reference Red Dwarf (largely Talkie Toaster): User Friendly (Holly), User Friendly (Talkie), Brogo (Talkie), Brogo (Talkie).

Fan Videos



Entries into a YouTube impressions competition.

Fan Edits

Fan edits of various Red Dwarf scenes and episodes.

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