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Blue Midget as it appeared in Series II


Blue Midget as it appeared in Series X

Blue Midget is the most abundant type of shuttle aboard Red Dwarf, although the Starbug and White Giant shuttlecraft are larger.


The fuselage of Blue Midget resembles that of a Chinook helicopter, although it also has features of a truck or tank (as it features caterpillar tracks and a bumper sticker that reads "My Other Space Ship is a Red Dwarf"), and its cockpit can hold a maximum of four people. Blue Midget was the only shuttlecraft used for Series II. By Series III, and the introduction of Kryten as a main character, a bigger shuttle was needed and Blue Midget faded into the background, only featuring in two episodes of Series III and not showing up at all again until Series VIII.

The redesigned Blue Midget, as seen in "Red Dwarf Remastered", was completely redesigned to resemble a bubble car with retractable legs - identical to that of the Hoppers - used for taking off and walking replacing its caterpillar tracks. As with the new CG Red Dwarf model, this was also utilised for Series VIII, where it had a higher rendering quality (in this case the change in shape is justified by the nanobots reconstruction).

The new design was also used for the reappearance of Blue Midget in Series VIII, where the ship gained its third, substantially larger cockpit more akin to the Series VIVII Starbug cockpit; the redesign was ascribed to the nanobots and their reconstruction of Red Dwarf and the Blue Midgets. All of the Blue Midget craft were supposedly used by the Red Dwarf crew to abandon the mothership in "Only the Good...", however in "Back to Earth, Part Three" it is revealed that Kochanski flew one to get away from Red Dwarf and an increasingly unstable Lister.

The ship is used quite heavily in Series X, first to get the crew to the BEGG Moon and the ERRA space station in "Entangled" and then later used to escape from and then do battle with a Simulant Death Ship in the series finale epidsode "The Beginning". These Blue Midgets did not appear to have either legs or caterpillar treads (or have not been seen in action yet), with the change in shape this time likely due to the same reason that that Red Dwarf itself appeared to changed.


Blue Midget was used as the background for the Red Dwarf Series II DVD cover, and it appears on the back of the Series X DVD and Bluray outside covers.


Blue Midget also features in the first two Red Dwarf novels. In the second novel, after a polymorph finds its way aboard the shuttle craft, the craft is made to self-destruct at the insistence of Lister.

Non-canon customisationsEdit

In Blue Dwarf, a play-by-post game set in the universe as Red Dwarf, one of the Blue Midgets was converted into a Hod rod by Jay Chrysler, named The Phoenix.


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