Bing Baxter was an American quiz show host from Earth's Solar System, and three million years later was recalled by Dave Lister.

When Lister contracted space pneumonia, one it's side effects was that his hallucinations were manifested into reality. One of these was a representation of his inner confidence, who looked like the manager of the London Jets (Lister's favourite team) and sounded like Bing Baxter - both things Lister associated with confidence. ("Confidence and Paranoia", Series I)


  • Given Confidence's accent, Bing Baxter was apparently American. Lister also describes Bing Baxter as "the American quiz show host" when he mentions the likeness. Another American on board Red Dwarf was Captain Hollister, who (before the accident at least) was seemingly the only American on a ship full of mostly British, European and Russians
  • Given that Lister's favourite channel seems to have been Groovy Channel 27, it is possible that Bing Baxter was a host on that channel.
  • Since Epideme assimilated knowledge of popular culture from his victims, and spoke like a television show host, Epideme may have based his persona on that of Bing Baxter.

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