"Not an asteroid belt again! Everything tips from side to side, and my hair gets all messed up."
- The Cat (Beyond a Joke)

Starbug hides in an asteroid belt from the SS Centauri
(Beyond a Joke, Series VII)

An asteroid belt, also referred to in Red Dwarf as an asteroid field, is a cluster of asteroids orbiting a star.


The boys from the Dwarf first entered an asteroid belt when chasing after the wayward Red Dwarf in Starbug. The Dwarfer's mothership had been stolen by an unknown party, but since it was too big to go through the belt, the Dwarfers attempted to gain ground by cutting through the belt in the small and nimble 'bug.

However, the belt turned out to be a spaceship graveyard, swarming with Psirens which had lured to astros down onto the rocks. Starbug ended up crashing onto one of the asteroids, but luckily the asteroid had enough atmosphere for Lister to go outside and blast the landing gear of the 'bug free with a bazookoid. This didn't stop a Psiren from boarding Starbug, however. (Psirens, Series VI)

Some time later, the Starbuggers tried hiding in an asteroid belt from the Simulant Trader who was hunting them with the SS Centauri. However a drug-induced mistake by Able accidentally revealed the 'bugs position to the Simulant, and the Simulant began attacking the 'bug with laser cannons, forcing it out of the belt. Able redeemed himself when he came up with a plan to disable the Simulant with the Nega-Drive and an escape pod; the plan worked, but at the cost of Able's own life. (Beyond a Joke, Series VII)

Many years later, when Red Dwarf came under attack from the Simulant Generals, the Dwarfers fled in a Blue Midget and hid within a hollow asteroid in a nearby asteroid belt. Annihilators were launched from the Simulant Death Ship and began blowing up the asteroids in the belt one by one, forcing Blue Midget back out into the open. Rimmer had recently learned of his true parentage from the holo-lamp, and finally feeling free of his father's disappointment was able to come up with a plan to save them involving the Molecular Destabilizer, and using the Simulant's own missiles against them. (The Beginning, Series X)


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