Arthur Smith is a British actor and comedian.


Arthur Smith was born in South London in 1954. He studied at the University of East Anglia in the classes of writer Malcolm Bradbury. He started on the alternative comedy circuit in the 1980s, specialising in being a compere (MC). He has been a regular performer at the Edinburgh festival. He is also an accomplished playwright whose plays include An Evening with Gary Lineker (1994), My Summer with Des (1998), The Bed Show and his one-show Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen.

Involvement with Red Dwarf

Arthur Smith portrayed the manager of Nogard dna Egroeg eht, a public house on the Backwards Earth where Rimmer and Kryten temporarily gained employment as The Sensational Reverse Brothers when stranded on the Backwards Earth. The manager eventually sacked them for their role in a reverse barroom brawl (a barroom tidy). ("Backwards", Series III)


The tirade that the Pub Manager launches at the Dwarfers was actually Arthur Smith insulting the cast members, tongue-in-cheek, and any audience members who might rewind and reverse what he is saying to understand it. This can be seen on the Series III DVD special features.

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